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A 3-dimensional portrait made from a photograph

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We create an unforgettable 3-dimensional portraits from photographs.
Surprise your loved ones with personal 3D portraits in your everlasting 3D-Crystal® . 3D busts are no longer just for famous people.
At the moment we are only making portraits of people.

How it works:
You send us a picture in JPG format, with a high resolution and about 1-2 MB. This is preferably done digitally by e-mail, but a photo by mail is also fine.
About 7 days later you will receive your brilliant 2D Crystal in the size you chose in high quality present packaging.

Make the best most of your favorite photographs and create a 3-dimensional portrait in crystal.

Modern computer and laser technology make it possible.
Send us the pictures of your loved ones. We will turn it into a 3-dimensional image and will laser it into crystal.

New! Now with your favorit animal:

No gift could be more personal.

There are 2 ways to order:

1) Please print out this form and take it to one of our many resalers. You also also need to bring along your digital photo or the photograph that is at least the size of a passport picture. The better the original is, the better the result in the crystal will be.

2) You can also order online. Simply fill out this form and e-mail us the picture you would like to use.

Digital images should have a resolution of at least 300dpi.


Websites with more example photos:





3D busts are available in the following sizes:

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